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UFO(s) reported over coventry england on October 30, 2012

October 31, 2012Comments No comments
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Sighting date: October 30, 2012 Location: coventry england


Im not sure what I saw, but this is what happened. I awoke to the ringing of my door bell. I woke startled it was dark outside and 5.45 in the morning. I then proceeded to look through the spy hole in the door , no one there. I then opened the door, i didnt have my glasses on and a very bright light caught my attention, It was so bright it radiated shards of light all around it. I was amazed , i could see other stars in the sky, but nothing so bright and so near . I couldnt stop looking at it , it freaked me out a little too. I went upstairs and found my glasses and binoculars, not very strong ones i may add but however the light appeared different, red left hand edge and white mainly it is hard to say what shape it was, it did change shape slightly too. I wondered if it was a star, but ive never seen anything so bright and given the time of day. The light remained in the same position for near on two hours and was still visible at daylight. Unfortunatly, I only have an old phone ,as my old one broke and was unable to take a decent photograph of it.
Was it a star, and if not what was it? I dont believe in UFOS as such, however this has baffled me.

Submitted by Rachel.

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