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Indonesia’s crop circle and Hindu symbolism

January 25, 2011Comments 3 comments

Indonesia saw its first crop circle this weekend. Made in a rice paddy near the village of Jogo Tirto, the crop circle has a design that closely resembles that of Muladhara chakra, one of the seven energy vortexes in the human body according to Tantric Hinduism.

Incidentally, about 10km north of the crop circle lies Indonesia’s — and one of Southeast Asia’s — largest Hindu temple — the Prambanan.

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  1. Is it warning of the category 4 cyclone approaching Queensland?

    • Heh, if that’s the case, you’re lucky the crop circle didn’t look like Sahasrara chakra with its 1.000 petals. Anyway, be safe down there!

  2. Esses círculos (agroglifos) são linguagem de alto nível. Estamos analfabetos para entender tudo que aí está.
    Grato por colocar essas fotos neste site.
    Good luck

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