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Prepare for sky lantern season

December 26, 2010Comments One comment

Sky lanterns have become increasingly popular in the West in the last couple of years. Traditionally used in festivals throughout Asia, the lanterns are now commonly seen in Western skies, and especially around New Year’s.

And as we all know, the lanterns are often misidentified as UFOs. Every year we see tons of videos and photos of lanterns from witnesses claiming they have captured a fleet of UFOs.

So this is just a heads-up — if it’s orange, floating, flickering and seemingly coming in fleets, and you’ve just downed your nth glass of Champagne — relax, you’re probably just witnessing a man-made craft built with tissue paper, some wire and paraffin wax.

Sky lanterns released during the Yi Peng festival near Chiang Mai, Thailand

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One comment

  1. Sky lanterns are awesome! I’ve flown a few myself and seen UFO reports the next day in the newspaper. If you want to freak out some friends/neighbors who like to look for UFOs this is a good way to do it.

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