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UFO documentary: Britain’s Closest Encounters – Alderney Lights

September 24, 2012Comments No comments

Britan’s Closets Encounters is a UFO documentary TV series in four parts that first aired in July 2008. While on the more sceptic side, the fourth and last episode is an interesting watch about the 2007 Alderney UFO sighting.

On April 23, 2007, captain Ray Bowyer was flying a routine passenger flight for the civilian airliner Aurigny Air Services, when he and his passengers gained progressively clearer views of two UFOs during a 12 to 15 minute period. Bowyer had 18 years of flying experience, and the 45 minute flight was one that he had completed every working day for more than 8 years.

Their 130 km journey of 45 minutes took them from Southampton on the southern coast of England, southwestwards to Alderney, being 16 km from France, and the northernmost of the Channel Islands. Their particular flight path had them converging on two enormous, seemingly stationary and identical airborne craft, which emanated brilliant yellow light.

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