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Name of documentary ?

PostPosted: 28 Mar 2013, 06:57
by Craig2
Just wondering if anyone on here could help me find the name of this documentary i watched parts of the other month when i was half asleep. It was on Sky (uk) no idea what channel it was now though, I've tried to find it and had no luck where i can't remember any names of the places that were visited etc anyway i'll try and explain what i can remember.

I'm sure it's a fairly recent show/documentary i'd say no longer than 4 years old at most. The show was presented by one man he traveled to a small town in America to check out all the reports of UFO sightings over and near the air base (it's not area 51). He tried getting access to the military air base but his applications and phone calls were constantly ignored/refused. He gets a pilot and flys around the perimeter as close as they're allowed to fly and the pilot requests permission to fly over the air bases land slightly and the air base agree when they do something happens with the other planes flying close by or something so they leave there fairly quickly.

One thing i can remember clearly about the air base is quite a few hangers that are all private contractors and them saying that one company would have no idea what would be going on in the other hangers etc. Later on in the show they're finally granted access to the air base and god knows how many checkpoints they nearly got kicked out before they were in due to not turning the cameras off.

Once inside the air base looks deserted no one around atall, all the hangers are closed and the camera crew are told they're only allowed to film in one direction due to security. Then they open up a hanger and you can see a old spy plane? no idea what it was called but i'm fairly sure it was built there years ago. They leave the base and the presenter seems pretty pissed off like they're playing a joke on him or something. Later that night he gets a call from some anonymous person saying to meet at night in the middle of nowhere and he gets handed some more 'evidence' think it was some pictures the presenter is skeptical that it's just the locals playing a joke.

Sorry for such a long post, I was searching for it again earlier and that's how i ended up on this site. So hopefully somebody could help.


Re: Name of documentary ?

PostPosted: 28 Mar 2013, 11:14
by joshua
Sounds interesting, but doesn't ring a bell I'm afraid. I'll keep my eyes open.
Do report back if you manage to find it.

Re: Name of documentary ?

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2013, 00:16
by Craig2
joshua wrote:Sounds interesting, but doesn't ring a bell I'm afraid. I'll keep my eyes open.
Do report back if you manage to find it.

I finally found it, it's no where near as good as i remember, guess that's what happens when you're half asleep. Here's a link to it it's called 'Top Secret - Plant 42' they seem to make quite a big fuss out of relatively nothing but where I've never heard of Plant 42 before it was worth a watch.