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Swedish UFO enthusiast takes on Niagara Falls mystery

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Swedish UFO enthusiast takes on Niagara Falls mystery

Postby John » 23 Jan 2011, 15:55


The strange light phenomenon over Niagara Falls has been getting a lot of attention since October 2009, when it was first observed, but it has not yet been explained. Something is seemingly hovering at an unknown height above the city, occasionally reflecting light from one of the city casino’s spotlights. Whatever it is, it has been seen by hundreds of people, made the local news and been photographed and captured on film countless of times.

Swedish UFO enthusiast J.M. had already been following the case for a couple of months when he decided to hop on a plane to Canada for some real-life, actual UFO hunting. This was in the beginning of January 2011. Since arriving in Niagara Falls, he has witnessed the phenomenon firsthand on numerous occasions and recorded several videos.

This one was filmed on January 20, 2011. Says J.M.:

I can’t explain it any other way than that something’s up there, something static, staying in one place, reflecting back light from the relatively wide spotlights which really are about 4-5 times as wide as the reflection.

So what’s up there? Nobody seems to know.

It’s not a blimp or balloon, and the light pillar hypothesis falls on the fact that the phenomenon has been observed in August, when the air is too warm for light reflecting ice crystals to form. Similarly, the theory that the spotlights are reflected off the clouds does not hold water since the phenomenon can be seen whether the sky is cloudy or not.

Niagara Falls based YouTube users shivercanada and handeroo have been documenting the phenomenon for some time and they too have captured some interesting footage. This video, for example, was shot by handeroo on January 7, 2011. The reflective properties of whatever’s up there can clearly be seen.

This video from shivercanada shows the phenomenon against a cloud free sky with stars and satellites visible above the light reflection. Best footage start at 2:45.

So, what do we know?

The phenomenon is stationary and can be observed for hours at a time, whether it’s cloudy or not, windy or still. It seems to come and go at will and is not tethered to anything, rendering the balloon or blimp scenario moot. It’s completely quiet and can sometimes be seen from miles away.

With this in mind and after watching the videos, what do you guys think? Strange weather phenomenon? Mist from the falls? I’m stumped.
“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” —Carl Sagan
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